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Home Lists 18 Things Abusers Do When They’re Gaslighting

18 Things Abusers Do When They’re Gaslighting

  1. Convince you your memory isn’t the best
  2. Accuse you of having no sense of humor
  3. Make hurtful jokes or insensitive, harsh remarks
  4. Answer, “That never happened, you’re imagining it”
  5. Call you “ill,” “fragile,” “paranoid” or “weak”
  6. Constantly forget the sequence of events that occurred
  7. Ask, “Why would you get upset over something so dumb”
  8. Say, “I didn’t say anything, you must be hearing things”
  9. Claim you aren’t remembering things correctly
  10. Tell you you’re overreacting
  11. Dismiss your feelings and concerns as unimportant
  12. Pretend they don’t understand what you said
  13. Reply, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”
  14. Shut you down when you try to confront their behavior
  15. Avoid your concerns saying, “Let’s talk about that later”
  16. Ask, “Why can’t you just get over it?”
  17. Accuse you of being too emotional or sensitive
  18. Downplay negative experiences saying it “wasn’t that bad”