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    Its Okay to Argue

    You’re in a healthy relationship now. So what does a healthy argument look like? | In their relationships with abusers, most domestic violence survivors focused on ... read more

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    Overcoming Anger

    How to keep anger from interfering with new relationships | After enduring any type of abuse, it’s natural to be angry. Maybe you’re angry with your abuser. The legal ... read more

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    You Can Stop Apologizing Now

    What it means when you can't stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ after escaping abuse | Heartfelt apologies can go a long way. “I’m sorry what I said hurt your feelings.” ... read more

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    Express Yourself

    Learning to find your voice again after escaping an abusive relationship can take work | Leaving an abusive partner is hard work. And when you do manage to escape, ... read more

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    Ask Amanda: Staying Positive During Abuse

    When your world is negative, how not to give up | Q: How can a woman, still with an abusive partner, stay positive in a world of negativity and not give up? – Darleen ... read more