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    We'll Come to You

    Mobile advocacy goes to the survivor | It might be in the corner of a local laundromat or on a bench in a public park. The meetings are clandestine, careful, but no... read more

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    Overcoming The Domestic Violence Gun Law Gotcha

    Why more states need to enforce the federal mandate | It’s one of those laws that would save lives if enforced regularly but, for myriad reasons, often flies under ... read more

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    Using GPS to Track Batterers

    At least 23 states are using GPS to keep track of high-risk domestic violence offenders | Diane Rosenfeld believes many domestic violence homicides are preventable.... read more

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    4 TED Speakers Who Aim to Inspire Change

    Continuing the dialogue about domestic violence | Survivors of domestic violence are often made to feel weak and isolated. But it’s important they know they’re not ... read more

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    Finding Love After Tragedy

    ​After being stabbed 32 times, survivor to marry paramedic who helped save her life | Fairy tales do come true—just ask Melissa Dohme. After a surprise propos... read more