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    California's 'Yes Means Yes' Law

    Why consent is getting a whole new catchphrase on some college campuses | The well-known phrase “no means no” is getting a makeover, at least in California. On coll... read more

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    Trainwreck Shooting Tied to DV

    Are we ignoring domestic violence and focusing simply on gun violence? | Plenty of news outlets covered the story of John Houser opening fire in a movie theater on Jul... read more

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    The Laws Advocates Say Need to Change in 2015

    Renewed funding, more gun control and no more job discrimination—will it happen? | In 2014, the federal budget increased funding for the Violence Against Women Act ... read more

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    Serious Jail Time

    Man gets 45 years in domestic violence ruling that could set a precedent for other cases | A lengthy amount of jail time is largely unheard of in domestic viol... read more

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    New Legislation to Help Survivors in Arkansas

    And it’s all thanks to one survivor’s email | Three years ago, Laura Webb, pictured above in blue, was run over by her husband in his truck. On purpose. Twice.... read more