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Taking Care of You

  • 5 Meditations to Try

    This power practice has the potential to calm and center survivors and victim advocates | Have you ever been told to just breathe when you’re feeling anxious or ... read more

  • Running for Her Life

    One survivor tells how running helped her heal after almost losing her life to domestic violence | Liane Daniels took up running in high school, but life got in the... read more

  • An Investment in Independence

    The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program helps survivors find success through education | Money can’t buy happiness. But when generous financial assistance come... read more

  • Tapping Out of Trauma

    How thought field therapy can reduce fear and anxiety in survivors | Being a survivor of domestic violence is an emotional business. Whether you’re still being abus... read more

  • Exclusive Webinar, Chat by DV Expert Lundy Bancroft

    Bancroft wants to share new information with survivors and professionals on the reasons why abusers do what they do | For the first time ever, acclaimed speaker, co... read more

  • Volunteering to Heal

    Could helping others help you? | Pictured above: Audrey Mabrey, right, with a fellow survivor. Audrey Mabrey’s husband wasn’t abusive during their marriage. ... read more

  • Stop a Flashback in Its Tracks

    Grounding techniques can bring you back to the present | It can happen in an instant. A scene on television, a couple fighting or a whiff of cologne is all it takes to... read more

  • Online Virtual Therapy

    We try out two Internet therapy sites to see if they really do have healing powers | Talking through trauma with a therapist is something survivors of domestic viol... read more

  • You Can Stop Apologizing Now

    What it means when you can't stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ after escaping abuse | Heartfelt apologies can go a long way. “I’m sorry what I said hurt your feelings.” ... read more

  • Break the Silence

    A survivor’s retreat in San Diego helps women begin their healing journey | “But no one believes me.” “I can’t make the nightmares stop.” “Will I ever b... read more

  • When the Work Is Too Much

    5 ways to avoid burnout when you advocate for domestic violence survivors | Jessica Teperow, director of prevention programs for the Massachusetts-based organization R... read more

  • Building Resilience After Trauma: Lessons from Chile

    Inspiration for those feeling burdened by the life's mishaps | Picture that you live in a little coastal village in Chile. Maybe you fish or sell homemade empanad... read more

  • 10 Ways You Can Help Prevent Domestic Violence Locally

    Want to do something to help, but not sure what? Start here. | More than one-third of women and one in 12 men have experienced intimate partner violence in ... read more

  • 5 Stages of Recovery After a Breakup

    Emotional healing will come, but it’s a process | The reasons people stay in an obviously unhealthy relationship are as varied as the relationships themselves. They... read more

  • When Domestic Violence Takes a Toll on the Helpers

    Understanding vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue in support persons | We can all feel a sense of information overload sometimes. Our emotional psyches can only... read more