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  • Netflix's You is a Roadmap to Dating Violence

    Come for the thrills, stay for the education | If you haven’t yet binge-watched the first season of the Netflix series You, strap in. It’s a riveting psychological thr... read more

  • App Aims to End Revenge Porn

    Consent from both parties is required before filming or viewing videos | Real talk: There are many people out there who like to capture their bodies on film in an adul... read more

  • Signals for Safety

    How asking for “Angela” or ordering an “angel shot” can save you from dating violence | A creative plan from the UK designed to help people escape potentially dangerou... read more

  • Ask Amanda: Why Can't I Trust a New Person

    If you have trouble making connections after abuse, it may be a sign of PTSD | Q: I just read your article about feeling sorry for your abuser, which was a great ar... read more

  • Profiling an Abuser: 6 Signs You Should Pay Attention To

    Don't just look to the past—an abuser's current behavior may do more to indicate danger ahead | Many how-to-spot-an-abuser advice pieces, including the one ... read more

  • Dating Despite Rape Culture

    In a society where women are supposed to protect themselves against assault, it can make dating tricky | Single women: How many times has this happened to you? You ... read more

  • Spotting the Enemy

    How the Marine Corps trains soldiers to identify threats overseas can save your life here at home | Patrick Van Horne is used to spotting people with dangerous inte... read more

  • Technology and Teen Dating Violence Are Unfortunately Linked

    Dating abuse is easier than ever thanks to cell phones and social media | On March 14 of this year, a young girl’s prank had unimaginable consequences. Tysen Benz, ... read more

  • But, I Love Him

    Is love enough to overcome abuse? | It’s true, he hurts me. He’s controlling, and it’s starting to really get me down. I should just leave. But, I love him. ... read more

  • Withholding Intimacy Can Be Abusive, Too

    Another type of sexual abuse includes using sex to taunt, control a victim | Michele Weston describes herself as “a smart girl with a college degree” who, for a whi... read more

  • How New Partners Can Help Survivors in their Healing Journey

    What to do, and not to do, as a new partner of someone who survived domestic violence  | People who have lived through the trauma of an abusive partner can have a h... read more

  • Can I Kiss You?

    One author says consent should be given for every single intimate moment | It seems women, especially young women, are constantly inundated with “tips” on how to... read more

  • 3 Ways to Listen to Your Gut

    Your intuition is trying to warn you of danger ... are you ignoring it? | It’s likely we’ve all met that person at some point in our lives that makes us take a paus... read more

  • Its Okay to Argue

    You’re in a healthy relationship now. So what does a healthy argument look like? | In their relationships with abusers, most domestic violence survivors focused on ... read more

  • Overcoming Anger

    How to keep anger from interfering with new relationships | After enduring any type of abuse, it’s natural to be angry. Maybe you’re angry with your abuser. The legal ... read more