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Identifying Abuse

  • High-Tech Stalking Tactics

    How abusers are faking phone calls and tracking victims through their online photos | Technology has given us many gifts: Phones that are also cameras. Cars that re... read more

  • Are Absentee Parents Abusive?

    Why a parent might check out of their child’s life, and the ramifications it can have | Maybe your partner is present in your life, but not in the lives of your chi... read more

  • Abusers Go Online

    Just as technology expands, so do the ways abusers harass their victims | Cyber-abuse once was narrowly thought of as cyberbullying and online name-calling, and was... read more

  • Women as the Abusers

    One shelter has begun seeing more male survivors step forward than ever | When you think about victims of domestic violence, is the first image that comes to mind a ... read more

  • When Abusers Threaten Revenge Porn

    When abusers share sexually explicit images without your permission | Nothing ever really disappears from the Internet, and that’s exactly the threat some abusers a... read more

  • 10 Patterns of Verbal Abuse

    This form of abuse can be harder to recognize than you may think | It can sound like name-calling, constantly correcting someone’s behavior or yelling at, denouncin... read more

  • Gaslighting: Could You Be Missing the Signs?

    Psychological abuse so subtle, you may not even realize it’s happening | Gaslighting is a term that describes a type of emotional and psychological abuse in which a... read more

  • When Incest Accompanies Domestic Violence

    The sexual assault hotline director of RAINN answers questions on this tough topic | It’s a difficult issue that few want to think about, much less discuss, yet man... read more

  • Danger Assessment Could Predict if an Abuser Will Kill

    Why it’s important to talk to an advocate if you answer yes to these questions | In 1986, Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN, domestic violence advocate and professor at the... read more

  • When Abusers Use Sexual Abuse to Control

    It can take on many forms beyond rape | Physical abuse can leave the telltale signs of black eyes, broken bones and bruises. Psychological abuse can result in a bev... read more

  • Can DV Survivors Adopt Stockholm Syndrome?

    Sorting out feelings of empathy and compassion for one’s abuser | Psychologists coined the term “Stockholm syndrome” in 1973 to help explain a hostage situation in ... read more

  • Who are Secondary Survivors?

    How a survivor’s support system can fall victim to an abuser’s manipulation | Unfortunately, the reach of domestic abuse can be wider than just the abuser’s partner... read more

  • Why We Can't Blame Abuse on Alcohol

    Dispelling the common myth that batterers abuse because they’re drunk, and will stop when sober | It’s all too often heard that someone’s partner is only mean/viole... read more

  • Perspecticide: Erased by Your Partner

    The harsh reality of "perspecticide" in a coercive control relationship | Living with an abusive and controlling partner can feel like living in a cult, exc... read more

  • How Strangulation Affects the Brain

    Six things to know about healing after a traumatic brain injury | Most people would associate traumatic brain injury (TBI) with violent accidents, strokes or even conc... read more