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Escaping Violence

  • Should Survivors Hire a Private Investigator?

    How a P.I. can help a survivor collect evidence, detect spyware or locate their abuser | Domestic violence is one of those crimes that can be tricky to prove. When the... read more

  • Is the System Failing Survivors?

    Looking at the fundamental flaws in courts and law enforcement | Attorney, activist and author of the blog Argue Like a Girl, Giugi Carminati, JD, describes herself as... read more

  • 10 Ways to Validate a Survivor

    These phrases can reassure survivors that you believe them and support them | Whether it’s your best friend, your sibling, a coworker or a complete stranger who tel... read more

  • When Your Abuser Is Also Your Boss

    Is your employment contingent on how much power and control your abuser gets to have? | There are abusive bosses out there—tyrannical leaders who make your work lif... read more

  • The Good Wife

    Forced to marry a stranger at 16, she spent a decade being isolated, humiliated and assaulted. Then, she planned her escape | When I was a kid, my only goal was to ... read more

  • Does Your Child Know How To Call 911?

    A five-step plan to turning kids into potential lifesavers | If there was an emergency, do your kids know what to do? Do they know how to use a smartphone? Can they... read more

  • Black Women Are Staying Silent

    Why some Black women feel like they can’t disclose domestic violence | When someone decides to threaten, stalk, harass or abuse his or her partner, what might that... read more

  • Who Did You Tell When You Were Ready to Leave?

    The reason many survivors keep their escape plans a secret | “I secretly planned it with my mom, brother and sister-in-law.” “I told a close friend and my pas... read more

  • 5 Ways to Get Money Matters In Order

    As you prepare to leave your abuser, make sure you know where your money is | When you begin planning to leave your abusive partner, money will likely be a major co... read more

  • When Deciding to Leave Happens in an Instant

    Sometimes ditching an abuser may appear to be an easy call, but it’s far different behind the scenes | We all know by now that leaving an abuser is often the most d... read more

  • 14 Misconceptions About Domestic Violence

    Intimate partner abuse is incredibly common, but very misunderstood | After a video surfaced of football player Ray Rice punching out his then-fiancée Janay in... read more

  • Ready to Relocate?

    8 questions to ask yourself before making a move | Whether you want to distance yourself from an abuser for safety reasons or you just want a fresh start, relocati... read more

  • Women-Run Auto Repair Shop Sparks Change

    For every three jobs done for the general public, a survivor gets essential car repairs free of charge | As a woman, there are several places you likely hate visiti... read more

  • Life Unlocked

    LifeLock responds to claims that abusers opened fake accounts to stalk their victims | At a recent women’s conference in Phoenix, Ariz., Erin Brockovich was one of the... read more

  • Spotting the Enemy

    How the Marine Corps trains soldiers to identify threats overseas can save your life here at home | Patrick Van Horne is used to spotting people with dangerous inte... read more