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Home Lists 16 Signs of Financial Abuse

16 Signs of Financial Abuse

  1. Sabotages employment opportunities.
  2. Forbids you from working.
  3. Controls how money is spent.
  4. Denies you direct access to bank accounts.
  5. Gives you an “allowance”.
  6. Forces you to write bad checks or file fraudulent tax returns.
  7. Runs up large debts on joint accounts without your permission.
  8. Forces you to work in the family business without pay.
  9. Refuses to pay bills for accounts that are in your name in order to ruin your credit.
  10. Forces you to turn over paychecks or public benefits checks.
  11. Forces you to account for all money you spend by showing receipts.
  12. Applies for credit accounts using your name and personal information.
  13. Withholds money for basic necessities like food, clothing, medication and housing.
  14. Spends money on himself or herself but not allow you to do the same.
  15. Gives you presents or pay for things and expects something in return.
  16. Forces you to work while he or she does not and yet still controls all the money.