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Identifying Abuse

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    Strangulation Can Leave Long-Lasting Injuries

    One of the most lethal abuser tactics explained | The power of controlling a victim’s next breath makes strangulation a frequent tactic for abusers. It can take ... read more

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    The New Cyberstalking

    Technology means abusers have more ways to stalk than ever before | Google “cyberstalking” and you’ll find plenty of tips on how to protect yourself from creepy str... read more

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    Normal Jealousy or the Start of Abuse?

    How to tell the difference in your relationship | Most, if not all of us, have felt jealousy at some point in our lives. Many of us may also be familiar with the ne... read more

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    Will It Happen Again?

    Do past behaviors predict future abuse? | Batterers are often considered individuals who terrorize, intimidate, control and abuse their partners. And, they typicall... read more

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    How to Recognize Emotional Abuse

    19 questions that help identify this type of domestic violence  | It’s a common and damaging myth—without bruises, cuts, broken bones, bandages or a ... read more