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Identifying Abuse

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    R. Kelly's Sex Cult is Domestic Violence

    Why some victims believe they love their abusers | In July of 2017, a story broke that seemed almost too absurd to be true—famed ‘90s rapper Robert “R.” Kelly ha... read more

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    Are You Seeing Ghosts?

    Social isolation can give rise to imaginary relationships | While some call it torture, the CIA calls it “an interrogation technique." Either way, it's used to... read more

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    5 Ways to Recognize Religious Abuse

    Is your abuser using your spiritual beliefs to control you? | In The Handmaid’s Tale, a trending drama on the streaming service Hulu based on the 1985 Margaret A... read more

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    Forbidden Food

    When abuse includes forced starvation and malnutrition | One of the great things about being an adult versus a kid is we get to make our own choices. We can wear wh... read more

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    What Are Grey Rape and Stealthing?

    They have sinister definitions and dangerous consequences | There are two new concerning buzzwords you may hear surrounding violence against women. One, argue many,... read more