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Ways Survivors Can Collect Evidence of Abuse

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  • Mar 23, 2018
Ways Survivors Can Collect Evidence of Abuse
  • Any written rules imposed by the abuser
  • Information about abuse of previous partners
  • Proof that you were being financially marginalized
  • Records proving you provided most of the child care
  • Personal journal of physical and nonphysical incidents
  • Calendar indicating days and frequency of abuse
  • Video recordings of arguments or conversations
  • Audio recordings of arguments or conversations
  • Photos or video of any injuries
  • Medical reports of your injuries or stress-related diagnosis
  • Medical reports of your family members’ injuries
  • Police reports
  • Emails, texts or social media messages from abuser
  • Screenshots of repeated calls, emails, texts or voicemails from abuser
  • Verbal accounts and testimony from any witnesses
  • Documentation showing workplace incidents where abuser stalked or harassed you
  • Photos of weapons used to harm or threaten
  • Screenshots or links showing abuser shared of images or videos you did consent to
  • Photos or video of items damaged or in disarray
  • Screenshots of any social networking site containing evidence of abuse, harassment or stalking
  • Recordings of voicemails or phone conversations
  • Details of any stalking incidents
  • Veterinary records of any pet abuse