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Signs Your Partner is Cheating

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  • Mar 13, 2016
Signs Your Partner is Cheating
  • Keeps a change of clothes in the car or remotely.
  • Physically present but not mentally present.
  • Shows you new techniques in the bedroom.
  • Gifts or unusual credit card purchases.
  • Stops saying "I love you."
  • Needs more privacy than normal.
  • Suddenly overly nice and accepting.
  • Increased focus on his/her appearance.
  • Encourages you to socialize often so you're not home.
  • Erratic behavior.
  • Closes browser when you appear.
  • Your intuition is telling you so.
  • Talks about your relationship ending.
  • Starts using catchphrases or words that are unusual.
  • Acts somber around you, upbeat away from you.
  • Multiple smartphones, email and online accounts.
  • Elusive about whereabouts.
  • Your friends ask what's wrong with your relationship.
  • Misses or late for appointments.
  • Changes plans suddenly frequently.
  • Less sex than in the past.
  • Doesn't share or want to discuss life details.
  • Reluctance to kiss or show affection.
  • Frequently "stuck at work".
  • Takes too long to return your phone calls.
  • Stops noticing, complementing you.
  • Can be difficult to reach.
  • Spouse's friends uncomfortable around you.
  • Increased time away from home.
  • Scent of another person on clothing.
  • Unexplainable mileage on the car or odd seat positions.
  • Deposits in family bank accounts diminish in size.
  • Stops confiding in you or seeking your advice.
  • Sleeps on sofa or separately from you.