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Characteristics of Unsafe People

  • By
  • Mar 13, 2016
Characteristics of Unsafe People
  • Has difficulty committing to one relationship.
  • Cannot be trusted.
  • Abuses substances, often indebted.
  • Frequently dishonest.
  • I'm at my worst around him/her.
  • Can't delay gratification.
  • Resists freedom rather than encouraging it.
  • Lacks empathy.
  • Prefers to confront than make connections.
  • Expects perfection, intolerant of mistakes.
  • Always has an excuse.
  • Apologizes but doesn't change behavior.
  • Always angry at something or me.
  • Blames others for their problems.
  • Makes promises and doesn't fulfill them.
  • Like a grown-up child.
  • Jumps on ethical bandwagons.
  • Betrays secrets.
  • Concerned about "I" not "we".
  • Rigid and avoids personal growth.
  • Constantly interrupts you.
  • Wants to control you.
  • Rarely considers consequences of actions.
  • Defensive and unopen to feedback.
  • Has no room for forgiveness.
  • Is condemning and judgmental.
  • Doesn't listen to me.