Time To Fly Foundation, a domestic violence shelter in Mclean, VA needs your help.

Below are a few critical items needed by Time To Fly Foundation to run and maintain its service to domestic violence victims.

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ABC & 123 Coloring Books ...


Viz-Pro All-in-One Magnet...


USPS Forever Postage Stamps


Staples Binder Clips, Ass...


Post-it Notes 3" x 3" Cub...


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If your abuser was sentenced to probation, did he ever violate the terms of his probation?

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Which of these at-home methods helped relieve your symptoms of trauma?

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    You Are Not Alone (Solace and Inspiration Based on Jewish Wisdom)

    A critical resource for victims and survivors of domestic violence, and for the rabbis and advocates who work with them. Includes a preface by Rabbi Mark Dratch.
  • Featured Book

    Anger Is Okay Violence Is NOT

    This book has a hidden message for children who are living with violence and struggling with a domestic violence definition. It is a great resource for toddler's struggling with temper tantrums. The book offers replacement behaviors children can do instead of getting angry. Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT teaches children about fish, feelings, families and anger control. For ages 0-7 years.
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