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Home / Videos / Webinars / The Intersectionality of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking

The Intersectionality of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking


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This presentation highlights the intersectionality of domestic violence and human trafficking. Participants will learn to recognize important similarities, differences, and intersections between domestic violence, sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Unique challenges facing this field are discussed including homelessness, economic insecurity, individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultural differences, and much more. Learn about how 3Strands Global Foundation has built a program using trauma-informed and culturally aware practices that not only assist survivors and at-risk populations in crisis but address long-term gaps in education and employment to assist survivors in living lives of self-determination. Presented by: Kaitlyn DiCicco Jenny Davidson Hira Zahir About 3Strands Global Foundation 3Strands Global Foundation (3SGF) envisions a world free from human trafficking. We work to accomplish this vision by mobilizing communities to combat human trafficking through prevention education and reintegration programs. 3SGF is the co-creator of PROTECT, a human trafficking prevention education curriculum which has been implemented in schools throughout the state of California, Utah, Texas, Michigan, Ohio and Georgia. After a decade of working in the human trafficking prevention space, we have educated over 700,000 students and almost 100,000 adults in the six states. Pre-and post-analysis indicates that individuals who have completed PROTECT demonstrate an increase in awareness, understanding, and knowledge of human trafficking of as much as 60% and behavioral changes in our students of as much as 50%. PROTECT participants understand how to be more conscious and safer when it comes to protecting themselves and others from exploitation, including how to respond if they are confronted with potentially dangerous situations.

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