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Home / News / Pop Star Patrick Barnett Partners with Theresa’s Fund

Pop Star Patrick Barnett Partners with Theresa’s Fund

New Release Shine Through Features, Healing Message

Oct 29, 2021

Rising Pop Star Patrick Barnett has released nationally the new single Shine Through as part of his debut album, and through a partnership arranged by Nashville-based Round Room Productions, hoping to raise awareness for domestic violence and inspire people to find help at

Barnett was discovered when he won a local idol contest in Alabama. Sometime later he played Shine Through for Round Room CEO and Theresa’s Fund board member Angela Shelton in the recording studio’s lobby. From that moment, Shelton knew she needed to do something powerful. 

“I knew immediately that we could save lives with this song and video,” said Shelton. “I’ve worked in the trauma and recovery space for a long time and I have seen how magical things like this project can change and save lives, which is exactly what Patrick is all about.”

Barnett started singing in church at three years old. By fourteen, he realized how much he loved music and started a band with three of his high school friends. When one of his school friends was considering suicide, Patrick and his bandmate Dylan wrote a song to hopefully help inspire him to change his mind. They sent the song to their friend the night they wrote it. When their friend changed their mind and decided to live, it was the fuel that lit the fire of service work for Barnett.   

The song Shine Through and its music video -- a stunning story of survival and hope -- are musical messages to inspire and to thank first responders and advocates working to address domestic violence. The video was filmed in Nashville with a special focus on casting actors who had their own ties to abuse and trauma as well as including members of the Theresa's Fund/ team

“When I wrote Shine Through, I had in mind all the different movements going through the world, whether they be for equality, raising awareness or just overall safety of mankind. They should all mean something to us and they do to me. The truth is we never know what someone is going through on a day-to-day basis and how much a smile or just having someone to listen to them could make a difference in their life,” explained Barnett. 

“There’s a lot of people who are keeping their pain a secret, so if you or you know anyone that is experiencing any kind of abuse check out They have so many different resources that can help you or someone you know. Together we can make a difference.”

Always wanting to help people, Barnett chose nursing school as a backup plan to his music career. When Barnett entered the Kowalidga Idol singing competition in his home state of Alabama and was the youngest contestant to win at the age of 16 against 150 contestants, he realized a music career may take a front seat to medicine.

Shine Through can be streamed and downloaded on Apple Music and Spotify.  The music video can be found on YouTube

About Theresa’s Fund

Theresa’s Fund is an Arizona-based 501(c)3 non-profit charity started in 1992 by Preston V. McMurry, Jr. At a time when domestic violence wasn’t yet a headline, Theresa’s Fund focused on changing the landscape of domestic violence services in its home state through grantmaking, board development and fundraising for Arizona-based organizations like East Valley Child Crisis Center, Sojourner Center, Florence Crittenden, Emerge, UMOM, and West Valley Child Crisis Center. In 2014, it developed as a way to expand its reach to people and agencies across the U.S. and Canada. is the first online and mobile searchable database of programs and shelters in the U.S./Canada, and a leading source of helpful tools and information for people experiencing and working to end domestic violence. It is also the host of the Purple Ribbon Awards, the first comprehensive awards program honoring the countless heroes of the domestic violence movement, including advocates, programs, shelters, survivors and members of the community support system.