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Home Fundraisers Sharing Stories Inspires & Heals

Raising Money for Sharing Stories Inspires & Heals

So far we've raised $1,545
from 22 donations.

$1,545 raised $10,000 goal

More About This Project

Knowing that you’re not alone and that others have had similar experiences can be an informative and empowering experience for domestic violence victims. Your gift to this campaign will fund the creation and sharing (on of true victim stories, as they journey from abuse to freedom, with the hope of connecting with those who haven’t yet figured a way out.

Project Donors

  • Arizona
    • Bobbi M. $100.00

      "Neat idea!"

    • Barbara F. $25.00

      "Sharing stories helps victims realize they are not alone and hopefully find a way out as others have experienced similar situations. "

    • Lynn P. $5.00

    • Preston M. $125.00

    • Thomas M. $5.00

    • Austin P. $10.00

    • Paulette M. $50.00

      "It makes a difference knowing I am not alone!"

    • Mary H. $25.00

    • Anonymous $10.00

    • Preston M. $500.00

      "In loving memory of Donna Theresa who passed away one year ago this month. "

  • California
    • Anonymous $5.00

      "Reading other's stories help me realize I am not alone. Knowing that others have healed give me strength to trust that God will heal all."

    • Bryan S. $10.00

    • Jeff V. $300.00

      "On behalf of Frank and Norma Davis, thank for helping us share our stories. It is a powerful tool in the healing process!"

  • Tennessee
    • Tara B. $10.00

  • Pennsylvania
    • Anonymous $10.00

      "Hopefully; by supporting Domestic, we will share resources so that no victim/survivor will feel alone on their journey. Peace "

  • North Carolina
    • Stacey L. $15.00

      "This is a lot of what helped me through and empowers me to help others... Victims become survivors knowing they are not alone!!"

    • Anonymous $5.00

      "In Jesus name"

  • New York
    • Cornelia R. $50.00

  • Washington
    • Kerina F. $50.00

      "Happy Birthday Preston"

    • Diana N. $200.00

      "7 terrifying years in the 80's were a short time in my long life. The rest of my life has been spectacular. Take little steps every day."

    • Anonymous $25.00

      "Merry Christmas <3 Elise and Brad Hensley"

Other Countries

  • Canada
    • Adam D. $10.00