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Raising Money for Help Victims Compare Services

So far we've raised $1,976
from 30 donations.

$1,976 raised $15,000 goal

More About This Project

After deciding to leave an abuser, one of the next most important steps is finding not just any help, but finding the right help. This campaign works to help victims do just that by adding a side-by-side comparison tool within The comparison tool will give the website’s visitors the ability to select multiple domestic violence programs, click and then see the chosen programs compared on an array of characteristics. With your help this decision making aid can give victims a way forward.

Project Donors

  • Arizona
    • Chris M. $100.00

      "Giving people the ability to compare providers on an apples-to-apples basis is a great idea!"

    • Barbara F. $25.00

      "Finding the right shelter to fit one's needs is critical. Survivors don't need more frustration in their lives."

    • Anonymous $10.00

    • Preston M. $125.00

    • Audra T. $20.00

    • Rachael C. $20.00

    • Kyle C. $100.00

    • Thomas M. $20.00

    • Anonymous $25.00

    • Mary H. $25.00

    • Nancy B. $100.00

    • Preston M. $500.00

      "In loving memory of Donna Theresa who passed away one year ago this month."

    • Anonymous $15.00

    • Robert & Cynthia H. $250.00

      "This is a great program we are happy to support."

    • Bob & Cyndi H. $250.00

      "Thank you for providing such a service, unfortunately it is very needed in todays world. May God bless you all for the work you do."

  • Colorado
    • Anonymous $10.00

      "I LOVE Domestic Shelters - Thank you NCADV and Theresa's Fund."

    • stacia f. $25.00

  • Pennsylvania
    • Laurel J. $25.00

    • Linda B. $25.00

  • Nevada
    • Anonymous $5.00

      "What a great cause!"

  • California
    • Anonymous $10.00

      "Making the right choice is sometimes more difficult that it seems. God bless for providing choices and sometimes answers"

    • Bryan S. $10.00

  • Wisconsin
    • Lynne K. $10.00

  • Tennessee
    • Tara B. $10.00

    • Anonymous $116.00

  • Washington
    • Kerina F. $5.00

  • Texas
    • michael w m. $85.00

  • Maryland
    • Anonymous $40.00

  • Kentucky
    • Fuer S. $10.00

    • Anonymous $5.00