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Raising Money for Help Create a New Mobile App

So far we've raised $2,445
from 34 donations.

$2,445 raised $85,000 goal

More About This Project

If you use apps, you’ll like this campaign raising money to launch the most comprehensive app for smartphones covering the topic of domestic violence. Everything from finding nearby services with one touch, to sensors that detect smartphone spyware installed by abusers, to helpful articles, to diaries that secretly document the abuse for the day when a victim needs to prove the violence in police or courts. Your gift will help create an app unlike any other. Not fun and games. But saving lives.

Project Donors

  • Arizona
    • Bobbi M. $100.00

      "I can see a lot of people use this new app. Happy to help make it a reality."

    • Barbara F. $25.00

      "Love this program - everything at one's fingertips without the fear of being caught. The diary is a great feature to help document abuse."

    • Lynn P. $15.00

      "Everyone has smart phones today and Apps are a fabulous tool! I love this idea."

    • Preston M. $125.00

    • Ryan S. $10.00

      "I know a great mobile company! :D"

    • Thomas M. $5.00

    • Bernie M. $50.00

    • Nancy B. $100.00

    • Preston M. $500.00

      "In loving memory of Donna Theresa who passed away one year ago this month. "

    • Anita H. $25.00

    • Anonymous $10.00

    • Anonymous $25.00

      "A worthy cause and a wonderful notion: on behalf of Manda's 41st birthday"

    • Bob & Cyndi H. $240.00

      "Love the work you do!"

    • Bob & Cyndi H. $250.00

      "Knowing the work you do every day is helping to save lives is why we continue to support"

    • Cyndi H. $240.00

      "You help people every day with the work you do. Thank you"

  • Pennsylvania
    • Laurel J. $25.00

    • Robert M. $50.00

    • Anonymous $25.00

  • Tennessee
    • Tara B. $10.00

  • California
    • Bryan S. $10.00

    • Kevin M. $20.00

    • Jamie R. $20.00

      "Hoping this v. small donation assists in positively changing the lives of women to know they can lead a life without control or violence. :)"

  • Wisconsin
    • Preston M. $50.00

      "Mobile is the wave of the future ..."

  • North Carolina
    • Stacey L. $15.00

      "My honor to help.... Survivor twice over!!"

  • New York
    • Pamela M. $10.00

      "Being a survivor, i wish i could donate more. I wish i had this back then. "

    • Anonymous $10.00

    • Anonymous $40.00

      "Best of luck with this project!"

  • Colorado
    • Wouter R. $30.00

  • Washington
    • Anonymous $100.00

      "I am no longer a victim, I am a survivor. I am happy to help others become survivors instead of being victims. "

    • Gary C. $100.00

      "Great idea and tool, it will empower the victim at times they usually lack power. In honor of a super special lady, Kerina. 143!"

  • Arkansas
    • Lichu N. $120.00

      "In recognition of Elizabeth Nestrud and Stephan Seng's wedding"

  • Iowa
    • Slade S. $30.00

  • Ohio
    • Anonymous $50.00

      "Cheers to a useful tool that will liberate many lives! "

Other Countries

  • Canada
    • Adam D. $10.00