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More About This Project

Have you spent time searching for online articles only to be frustrated that you can’t find what you want? This campaign makes finding information easier for victims by providing DomesticShelters.org visitors with suggested articles based on other articles they have read. If a person is reading the article “Protect Yourself with a PPO,” with your donation our new suggestion tool will recommend additional articles like “How to Get a Personal Protection Order” and “Steps to Safety After a PPO.”

Project Donors

  • Arizona
    • Bobbi M. $100.00

      "Ah I see, the site will recommend articles you're likely to be interested in based on the article you're reading."

    • Barbara F. $25.00

      "Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. ~Kofi Annan"

    • Lynn P. $5.00

    • Preston M. $125.00

    • Anonymous $20.00

    • Thomas M. $5.00

    • Austin P. $10.00

    • Mary H. $25.00

    • Nancy B. $100.00

    • Anonymous $10.00

    • Anonymous $10.00

    • Preston M. $500.00

      "In loving memory of Donna Theresa who passed away one year ago this month."

    • Anita H. $100.00

      "Empowering victims with information such as what is contained in these great articles is so important. Knowledge is power."

  • Tennessee
    • Tara B. $10.00

  • California
    • Bryan S. $10.00

  • Mississippi
    • Anonymous $20.00

      "Thank you for informing women about their situations. Often they think that the way they are being treated is normal and acceptable. NOT!"

  • Washington
    • Kerina F. $25.00

      "These articles are a wonderful go to source of information. "

Other Countries

  • Canada
    • Adam D. $10.00