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Editorial Advisory Group

The following group comprised of authors, academics, researchers, program operators and nationally-recognized domestic violence experts serves on the Editorial Advisory Group of DomesticShelters.org.

Rita Smith is a nationally recognized expert in domestic violence who has been interviewed by hundreds of newspaper reporters, appeared on many local and national radio and television news shows, including the Washington Post, USA Today, People Magazine, NPR, The Today Show, Good Morning America and Oprah Winfrey Show. She began her career in 1981 as a shelter crisis line advocate and ascended to led the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) from 1992-2014 where she established the original relationship between DomesticShelters.org and NCADV. Rita doubles as a consultant to the non-profit 501(c)3 Theresa’s Fund Inc., which operates DomesticShelters.org. Smith currently serves as a senior advisor to the National Football League on policy and training issues related to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Oliver J. Williams, Ph.D. has worked in the field of domestic violence for 30 years as a clinical practitioner, as well as in executive and advisory capacities for the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota; Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community; Center for Disease Control; U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women; U.S. Office on Women’s Health; U.S. Department of Education; National Domestic Violence Hotline; and Family Justice Center Alliance. His research and publications have centered on creating service delivery strategies to reduce violent behavior and support victims of abuse. He has consulted with the NFL, MLB and NBA on issues related to domestic violence.

Barry Goldstein has dedicated his career to stopping violence against women and preventing the mental, emotional and physical trauma it inflicts on children. Barry is the author and co-author of several books including Scared to Leave Afraid to Stay; Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor; Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody; and The Quincy Solution. He was an attorney representing victims of domestic violence for 30 years. He is a sought-after speaker, and provides workshops, judicial and other trainings regarding domestic violence particularly related to custody issues. He also serves as a consultant and expert witness.

Ruth Jewell is an experienced leader in both the for profit and the non-profit Native and Non-Native workforce regarding victims of crime with a focus on the justice system and is a national trainer and presenter.She has program development and coordinating experience, grant writing, federal grant peer reviewer expertise, and is a program founder and administrator. With additional experience in policy and procedures development, Ruth has strong community collaboration skills. She has the ability to network with any segment of society; she is culturally competent, sensitive and has a strong knowledge of the unique barriers and challenges faced by marginalized populations, especially Native communities affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. She is a citizen of the Penobscot Tribe.

Stacey Moniz began working in domestic violence in 1986 after living in the shelter on Maui as a survivor. She has worked in victims' services, batterer intervention services, with courts and police and many areas of the many systems that connect to domestic violence. She is currently the Executive Director of the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Her greatest passion is community engagement; connecting victims' services to the community and bringing the community into the life saving work of member programs. Her roots in the islands go back three generations to immigrants from Japan and Portugal and go forward two generations with the births of her two grandsons. These roots keep her deeply connected to her vision of creating culturally based, strengths based, community based strategies that are victim-centered and include everyone in communities.

The following guidelines are used by DomesticShelters.org to determine which books we will make available in our Recommended Books section. If you are an author and would like us to consider your book for our site, please review the guidelines carefully before submitting. To submit a book, email us at info@domesticshelters.org and include a PDF copy of the book.

  • Your book must be published by a traditional publisher, not self-published.
  • The book must be professionally written, researched, fact-checked, edited and copyedited.
  • The book must meet book publishing industry standards for formatting, structure and presentation.
  • The writing must exhibit expert understanding of domestic violence or related topics.
  • The author is ideally widely recognized for their expertise on the topic presented.
  • The book must have an ISBN 10.
  • The book must be available through amazon.com.
  • You must submit a PDF version of the book so that it can be easily reviewed.

While we receive many book submissions and reserve the right to determine which books will become available on DomesticShelters.org, we’re nonetheless greatly appreciative of all the good work created by the many people working to help survivors and end domestic violence.