How Do I Heal After Abuse?

Resources to Help You Move Forward

  • May 22, 2017
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How Do I Heal After Abuse?

After experiencing domestic violence, it may feel impossible to heal. It’s important to remember you can, and will, move forward.

Coming to a place of calm after abuse is no easy task. Survivors often experience feelings of guilt and shame after leaving an abuser and may need to work through other emotional, physical, legal and economic challenges along the way.

We've prepared a toolkit to help you understand the various forms abuse can take so you can better assess your relationship and understand your situation. You can download the toolkit here, or by using the gray DOWNLOAD TOOLKIT button above.

Inside you’ll find links to helpful articles, recommended books, checklists, relevant survivor survey results, support communities and how to find help.

Remember, survivors are strong, capable and perseverant. Help is out there, though, and it’s important for survivors to know they don’t have to tackle the healing process alone.

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