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19 Ways to Start Over Financially

  1. Visit snagajob.com for low barrier hourly job opportunities
  2. Make a budget so you know what you need
  3. Don't be afraid to live small, within your means
  4. Pawn, yard sale or sell items you don't need
  5. Ask family and friends for money or loan
  6. Take part-time jobs until full-time is found
  7. Apply for a low spending limit credit card
  8. Start building your credit
  9. Use thrift stores for essential items
  10. Contact the local food bank
  11. Use coupons and online coupon codes
  12. Explore government welfare, food stamp and housing programs
  13. Do virtual assistant work via websites like Upwork.com
  14. Find free hobbies and weekend activities
  15. Become a nanny or sitter via websites like urbansitter.com
  16. Seek alimony or child support
  17. Get paid for quick tasks as an Amazon Mechanical Turk
  18. Work through a temp agency
  19. Drive for DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber, Lyft, Picukup or Postmates