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27 Ways to Build Confidence

  1. Change a small habit.
  2. Do something you enjoy.
  3. Smile and stand straight.
  4. Clean your garage, house, desk or a shelf.
  5. Be positively affirming.
  6. Surround yourself with happy people.
  7. Set a small goal and accomplish it.
  8. Acknowledge and welcome all your life experiences.
  9. Eat right, exercise, take care of your body.
  10. Be kind and generous.
  11. Take on a challenge or try a new path.
  12. See mistakes as learning opportunities.
  13. Give yourself credit for each accomplishment.
  14. Focus on solutions, not problems.
  15. Wake up with gratitude.
  16. Complete something you've procrastinated over.
  17. Free yourself from self-imposed limitations.
  18. Buy and wear new clothes.
  19. Join Toastmasters or a networking group.
  20. Avoid people who drag you down.
  21. Trust your instincts.
  22. Get enough sleep.
  23. Identify what truly matters to you.
  24. Act positive.
  25. Increase competence in a subject.
  26. Make a list of your strengths.
  27. Accept compliments.