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25 Services Most Commonly Sought by Survivors

  1. Restraining/protective orders
  2. Establishing safe visitation of children
  3. Child custody advice and assistance
  4. Getting housing
  5. Seeking mental/physical healthcare
  6. Obtaining cash or vouchers
  7. Paying rent/utility bills
  8. Counseling for children
  9. Dealing with unwanted sex
  10. Understanding government benefits
  11. Assistance in building a court case
  12. How to stay in relationship safely
  13. Help with safety of other family members
  14. Talk to someone who understands my situation
  15. Help ending the relationship
  16. Someone to accompany when seeking services
  17. Help with access to legal services
  18. Info on legal rights and options
  19. Staying in current community safely
  20. Hearing what others have done in similar situations
  21. Being safe from abuser
  22. Info on counseling options
  23. Learn more about why/how DV happens
  24. Find out who to call or where to get help
  25. Support to make decisions/changes in my life