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Domestic Violence

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    When Survivors Are the Criminals

    In trying to prevent their own murders at the hands of their abusers, two survivors found themselves behind bars | Kim Dadou spent 17 years in prison for fatally sh... read more

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    Once You're Aware, It's Time to Do Something About It

    Raising awareness is good and all, but action is better. 5 tool kits to help you out | We are constantly bombarded with this mes... read more

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    But, I Love Him

    Is love enough to overcome abuse? | It’s true, he hurts me. He’s controlling, and it’s starting to really get me down. I should just leave. But, I love him. ... read more

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    When Media Missed the Boat

    News sources called domestic violence a 'school shooting' ... but why? | In April of this year, 53-year-old Cedric Anderson walked into a Southern Californi... read more

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    What Are Nuisance Laws?

    How these policies can harm survivors of intimate partner violence | It's hard enough for a survivor of domestic or intimate partner violence to seek help or report... read more