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Domestic Violence

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    When Abuse Turns Deadly

    Having a gun at home increases your risk of being killed by your abuser | Survivors of domestic violence are often told to “just leave,” in regards to their abus... read more

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    Domestic Violence Doesn't Take a Holiday

    Survivors can face an increased risk during the holiday season | This year, as you hang the twinkling lights and decorate your mantel with sprigs of holly, remember... read more

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    Survivor Selfies

    Does posting online photos of the aftermath of abuse help or hurt the cause? | When Angela Brower’s boyfriend became abusive, she broke off the relationship. Unfort... read more

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    Violence Just as Prevalent in LGBTQ Relationships

    No group seems to escape domestic violence | You often hear of domestic violence as it occurs in a heterosexual relationship, but statistics show that abuse occurs ... read more

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    What is the Violence Against Women Act?

    How this important law is helping to make the world a more peaceful place | This year marked the 20 th anniversary of the signing of the Violence Against Women A... read more