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Domestic Violence

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    Is Mutual Abuse Real?

    It’s a term often used as a manipulation tactic—true mutual abuse is rare | The definition of “mutual abuse” is exactly what you think it is—when two partners... read more

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    Guns, Domestic Violence and the Color Orange

    Will you take a stand on National Gun Violence Awareness Day? | If you think perpetrators of domestic violence shouldn’t have access to guns, and that laws need to ... read more

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    What is 'Victim Shaming'?

    Victim shaming comments and questions focus the blame on the wrong person | When women began stepping forward late last year accusing comedian and actor Bill Cosby ... read more

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    Be a Better Advice-Giver

    Sometimes, listening is better than instructing | When a friend or loved one confides in you that they’re being abused by an intimate partner, your gut instinct is ... read more

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    A Call to Men

    One nonprofit aims to redefine manhood in order to end domestic violence | Tony Porter, co-founder of the nonprofit A Call to Men, believes ending violence against ... read more