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Domestic Violence

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    What is Batterer Counseling?

    One shelter in Minnesota says they started their program after survivors asked for it | While most domestic violence organizations focus first, and mainly, on the s... read more

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    Domestic Violence in Affluent Marriages

    When abusers feel a sense of narcissistic entitlement | Opening up about domestic violence, either to the police or one’s friends and family, is often difficult and fr... read more

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    NO MORE Week of Action

    8 ways to help prevent domestic violence next week | How many minutes will it take you to read this? Five? In that time, research shows that roughly 100 people i... read more

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    Using Drugs and Alcohol to Cope with Abuse

    Substance abuse can increase a survivor’s risk in a number of ways | It’s not uncommon for some survivors of domestic abuse to use alcohol, illicit drugs or prescri... read more

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    When a Survivor Returns to an Abuser

    What to do as a bystander to best support them | It’s easy for someone who’s never been in a relationship with an abusive partner to say, “If anyone ever abused me,... read more