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Domestic Violence

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    Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Survivors

    How to recycle smartphones, laptops, cameras and video games | Fun fact of the day: There are more than 500 million retired cell phones scattered around homes in th... read more

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    When Georgia Smiled

    Robin McGraw talks to DomesticShelters.org about her foundation | You may know Robin McGraw as the tough-love, advice-giving, right-hand-woman of Phil McGraw, of Dr... read more

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    Captured on Film

    Five documentaries aimed at raising awareness of the intricacies of modern domestic violence | It’s widely agreed that the issue of domestic violence isn’t talked a... read more

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    Is Mutual Abuse Real?

    It’s a term often used as a manipulation tactic—true mutual abuse is rare | The definition of “mutual abuse” is exactly what you think it is—when two partners... read more

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    Guns, Domestic Violence and the Color Orange

    Will you take a stand on National Gun Violence Awareness Day? | If you think perpetrators of domestic violence shouldn’t have access to guns, and that laws need to ... read more