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Domestic Violence

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    If You're Being Stalked

    What to do to ensure your safety and make it stop | Stalking can be a component of domestic violence, most often occurring after a survivor leaves an abusive partne... read more

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    Domestic Violence in the Military

    Why abuse is more prominent and less reported among military couples | One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime and couples in the milita... read more

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    What Makes People Choose to Abuse?

    There’s no simple way to predict who will become a batterer | Let's look at an alarming dichotomy for a second: Abusive partners inflict violence on an astou... read more

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    What is Domestic Violence?

    Know the 5 types of domestic violence | Domestic violence isn’t always visible. There may be no outward signs of abuse, no visits to the ER—but violence can st... read more