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Domestic Violence

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    Spotting the Enemy

    How the Marine Corps trains soldiers to identify threats overseas can save your life here at home | Patrick Van Horne is used to spotting people with dangerous intenti... read more

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    Afraid of Being Fired?

    What to do if the threat of losing your job is keeping you from reporting abuse | For two years, Doris Rivera-Black kept the fact that her husband was abusing her a se... read more

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    Some Abusers Are Getting Awarded Alimony 

    How an archaic alimony law further victimizes survivors | Talk about adding insult to injury. One night in August 2011, a Virginia man terrorized his wife who was h... read more

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    2017 Holiday Gift Guide

    These gifts benefit survivors and organizations that want to end gender-based violence | Ready to get your holiday shopping started (or completed... read more

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    3 Steps to Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence in Kids' Lives

    After a childhood of witnessing abuse, one expert says you can help your children grow up to avoid repeating those patterns | Not all of us have the fondest memorie... read more