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    Growing a Better Life

    GreenHouse17 helps survivors find their independence again, one harvest at a time | GreenHouse17 is a domestic violence shelter in Kentucky with a twist. In additio... read more

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    Girls Fight Back

    Self-defense is about much more than physical moves, says one group | In 2001, 21-year-old college student Shannon McNamara was brutally raped and killed during a v... read more

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    Positioned to Help

    Cut It Out teaches salon professionals how to recognize signs of domestic violence | Brigid Cox, 55, grew up as one of 13 children in what she calls a strictly disc... read more

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    Survivors Shop Free

    Ohio thrift store helps survivors of domestic abuse get a fresh start | When a domestic violence survivor decides to leave their abuser, furnishing his or her new h... read more

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    Movers Help Domestic Violence Survivors Get Out

    Meathead Movers has done the heavy lifting for 300 survivors free of charge | Brothers Aaron and Evan Steed founded Meathead Movers in 1997 in Southern California w... read more