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    Letting the Art Do the Healing

    Workshops help survivors get their trauma out through creativity | Artist and survivor Cathy Salser always knew she wanted to use her art to make a difference. So, for... read more

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    Flying the Survivor Skies

    Angel Flight West helps relocate victims of abuse, free of charge | Escaping from an abuser sometimes means moving into a shelter a few miles away. Other time... read more

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    Free Smiles in Canada

    Dentist starts nonprofit to honor the brother who taught her how to make a difference | Dr. Tina Meisami remembers one of her patients, a woman who was so badly be... read more

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    Teaching Kids to Be Brave

    Following the murder of her friend, Project BRAVE founder wants domestic violence education to start earlier | When you’re lucky enough to live near your friends, y... read more

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    Yoga Instructor Brings Healing to One Shelter

    Free classes offered for survivors, staff and volunteers | Yoga instructor Ashleigh Gurtler knows the power of a good downward dog. The 30-year-old from New York Ci... read more