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    She's Giving Survivors a Lift

    In two years, one woman has organized the donation of more than 150,000 bras to women in need around the world | Dana Marlowe says she “accidentally” founded her no... read more

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    Purple Benches Honor Domestic Violence Victims

    In Canada, Barb’s Benches memorialize women killed by their partners | In Nova Scotia, purple benches located in public places serve a dual role—they... read more

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    Breaking the Cycle of Teen Dating Violence

    A couple aims to raise awareness of dating violence after their teenage daughter is murdered | In late 2006, Phoenix, Ariz., high school student Kaitlyn Marie Sudbe... read more

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    RedRover Sends Heroes Right Over

    One nonprofit hopes to fund a pet-friendly domestic violence shelter in every state | Think of them as the Red Cross for animals, says Nicole Forsyth, President and... read more

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    Can I Kiss You?

    One author says consent should be given for every single intimate moment | It seems women, especially young women, are constantly inundated with “tips” on how to pr... read more