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Domestic Violence

  • One Judge's Take on the Challenges of Family Court

    Survivors need more resources, representation, she says | Judge Katherine Tennyson has an intimidating voice over the phone. This is the type of woman who cuts righ... read more

  • How Anti-SLAPP Laws Work

    What to do if your abuser threatens to sue you for defamation if you report domestic violence | Batterers are master manipulators who know and use all kinds of tech... read more

  • Men Can Be Abused, Too

    11 facts everyone should know about domestic violence against men | When you think of a domestic violence survivor, who comes to mind? For most people, it’s a female. ... read more

  • Domestic Violence From an Officer's Perspective

    One former officer is training law enforcement around the world how to earn the trust of survivors | After surviving a childhood of domestic violence, Mark Wynn’s l... read more

  • How You Can Help Just By Using This Site

    Five ways to use to help be a part of reducing violence | They say the aim of education is not knowledge, but action, which is why DomesticShel... read more

  • Can Abusers Change?

    Once an abuser, always an abuser? Signs that recovery is possible | It’s a hotly debated topic with no easy answer. Can people change? Sure, we all change as we matur... read more

  • Support is a Keyboard Click Away

    Online chat rooms and forums especially for survivors of abuse | There is often more than just that one step—actually walking out the door—involved in leaving an abus... read more

  • If You're Being Stalked

    What to do to ensure your safety and make it stop | Stalking can be a component of domestic violence, most often occurring after a survivor leaves an abusive partne... read more

  • Domestic Violence in the Military

    Why abuse is more prominent and less reported among military couples | One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime and couples in the milita... read more